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Poha can be easily digested by your body. This is one of the benefits of eating poha. Your breakfast must never make you feel bloated for the rest of the day. So, eating poha would be a good idea in the morning.

Your breakfast must help you carry on with your day’s work till you consume your next meal. Poha is one such option which gives you energy till your lunch time. This is one of the benefits of poha. Foods that fail to energise you, will make you feel dull.

Eating poha is good as it contains enough amounts of iron in it. In other words, you can keep iron deficiency at bay if you consider eating poha everyday as your breakfast. This item can also be consumed by pregnant women and children too. Iron is an important mineral as it plays a role in maintaining hemoglobin levels. This is one of the nutritional benefits of poha.

You can rely on poha and make it your primary source for carbohydrates. Beaten rice is healthier than other carbohydrate options. You can also eat it as a snack instead of trying chips or other snacks. Without enough carbohydrates, you cannot carry on with your daily activities. Another good news is that poha is also rich in fibre.

You can add any vegetable to it to pack it with vitamins and minerals. You can also add peanuts and sprouts to make it tasty and protein-rich. Some people even add eggs to poha to make it a rich rotein meal. You can also pack it in your child’s lunch box.

As poha is low in gluten, it can also be considered by people who have to consume low-gluten foods on doctor’s advice. Poha can be consumed by diabetics too. This is one of the health benefits of poha.


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