About Us

We “Mangal Tea and Snacks” started our operation in 2018. Our primary motto is to provide good quality foods to people. We are committed to helping people to get a healthy breakfast and tasty snacks with good quality with reasonable price.




Mangal Tea and Snacks is one of the fastest growing food companies with strong presence in the Navi Mumbai/Mumbai/Thane. We offer various foods for Breakfast and Snacks as well as Hot Beverages like Different Tea’s, Coffee etc. We understand that in the today’s world people sometimes not get proper time for Breakfast because of Work Load, Time Issue etc. So, don’t worry we are here to provide you a complete healthy Breakfast.


Our vision is to delight everybody with good taste. Our core value is Taste of the products Like Home. Our innovative approach drives us to explore new boundaries in product development and to creatively experiment with tastes that will delight, surprise and excite our consumers palates. Innovation underlines each and every act of ours: from product design and packaging to marketing, sales and communication. Through our food products we will share our expertise with consumers to help them to get great food at home, office or anywhere they ordered.


We use branded products to make our foods which improves tastes as well as quality of our Foods. For making Hot Beverages like Different Tea’s, Coffee, etc. we use Purified Water and Branded Milk. We usually take 20-25 minutes to deliver our Foods as our intention to provide only fresh Foods, Hot Beverages which keeps our promise to customer.